Install Printer HP

HP is well known company which brings out so many superb electronic items and hp printers are one of them. These printers make your documents more meaningful. You can take a print of any of your data and document flawlessly. To install hp printers, first you need to install drivers. Here is the process to install drivers and hp printers.

How to Install Drivers?

After finding the right driver for your printer, follow these steps.

1. First you need to turn off your computer and disconnect any connected device.
2. Now reconnect your printer and double click the driver download in order to extract it.
3. Choose any language you prefer and follow the mentioned directions on program screen.
4. Now restart your computer and you have installed your drivers.

Steps to Install HP Printer

You can go with these steps to install hp printer in your device. Plug the printer's USB cable into your computer. Find the USB cable and fix it in the port of your computer. You can purchase USB cable if you don't have any. Search the printer's model number. You can install printer hp manually without using CD.

Turn on the Printer:

Turn on the printer first. Be sure to wait for a minute or so after doing this before proceeding. Now installation process will prompt to your screen.

Open Start:

See the windows icon and click on that to go to the start menu. In search bar: type the printer and scanner and click on that option of printer and scanner. Add any printer or scanner which you want to attach to your device.

Choose your Printer's Name:

You will now see add printer or scanner window. Follow on screen instructions. Now place the paper in the tray and try to run your printer.